Selecting the board, codec and CPU:

In this section assume that <BOARD_NAME>, <CODEC_NAME> and <CPU_NAME> represent the names of the hardware devices that you want to use in the Audio Framework, e.g. 6220EV1REV1, WM8993 and S3C6400.

  1. Make sure that the following files exist in your Audio Framework package:

    • Boards/AFBoard<BOARD_NAME>.cpp
    • Boards/AFBoard<BOARD_NAME>.h
    • Codecs/AFCodec<CODEC_NAME>.cpp
    • Codecs/AFCodec<CODEC_NAME>.h
    • CPUs/AFCPU<CPU_NAME>.cpp

  2. To select a board, CPU or codec to be used in the Audio Framework add the following #define statements to the AFControl.h file:

    • #define AF_CPU_<CPU_NAME>
    • #define AF_CODEC_<CODEC_NAME>
    • #define AF_BOARD_<BOARD_NAME>

  3. Add the corresponding #include statements to the AFControl.h file:

    • #include "../CPUs/AFCPU<CPU_NAME>.h"
    • #include "../Codecs/AFCodec<CODEC_NAME>.h"
    • #include "../Boards/AFBoard<BOARD_NAME>.h"

    NOTE: the #include statements have to FOLLOW the #define statements in AFControl.h file!

  4. Rebuild the Audio Framework.

  5. Rebuild the Generic Wavedev2 driver, to get the updated audio driver DLL.

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